Sexing Up the Spy

Sexing Up The Spy by Tina Holland is a short story about a spy novelist, Jake Stone, who is told to add some sex to his novels. His agent tells him to work with Lexi Andrews an erotic romance author. The two authors meet and immediately start a make out session.

I found the pacing of the story much too fast and there was no buildup to the main characters going at it together. I would like to have seen some emotional involvement between the hero and heroine. I had trouble keeping track of the point of view as well. I'd have liked more development of the characters and a stronger plot too. I have to give this one a 2.75, it read more like a first draft than a finished story.

Book Blurb for Sexing Up the Spy

CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance.
ELEMENTS: Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Language, and Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy.
Lexi Andrews keeps her erotic writing a secret but she?ll gladly risk exposure for the chance to work with "Killer" spy creator Jake Stone. While Jake is hesitant to work with anyone, he?ll meet Lexi to appease his female fans. They hatch a plan to rehearse the love scenes and give Jake's novel realism.
But what starts out as an experiment soon takes on a life of its own. Jake's deadline doesn't seem as pressing as Lexi's lovely body.  Can Jake and Lexi keep their hands off each other long enough to ?Sex up the Spy??

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 2.75