Project Mendel

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Project Mendel

Okay. Primarily this is a science fiction book with lots of romance and it's a page-turner thriller. I sat up until almost three in the morning reading this book because I couldn't put it down.

Brynn Chapman has written a well-researched book that takes the fledgling science of cloning and genetics just a step further. Project Mendel will reach out grab you, suck you right into the story, and scare the pants off you. I loved it. You will root for the heroes and heroines, some of it will be difficult to read, and it will make you cry and a lot of it will make you think. There were a few small glitches and a loose end or two I'd like to have seen tied up but they don't take anything away from the story. I give this one a solid 5 and a recommended read.

Book Blurb for Project Mendel

Pittsburgh, Pa. 2030

It is a brave new post-war world. A world where parents can not only choose the sex of their child, but their eye color, hair color and talents. Project Mendel decides to take humanity a step closer to perfection.

Dr. Eve Fyfe, a stem cell scientist, signed onto Project Mendel to heal the sick. Around the city, the homeless are disappearing, orphans are reported missing in record numbers. The doctor's research produces amazing, and horrific side effects. She's reporting them. But no one is listening.

Because once in Project Mendel, always in Project Mendel

Tagline "LOST meets COMA"

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 5.00