Practical Green Remodeling

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Practical Green Remodeling

Down-to-Earth Solutions for Everyday Homes

Practical Green Remodeling by Barry Katz is an informative guide to going green. I'm currently involved in remodeling my home on a limited budget, something I've been wanting to do for ages. This book is a wonderful compilation of information on just what going green really is. The author gives good information on pretty much all aspects of remodeling a house with eco-friendly and cost effective materials and methods. However, the book is not a "how to" book, it is rather a manual on the concept of going green. If you're interested in doing your part for the earth this book is a good place to start learning what you can do. I'm giving this one a 4.5.

Book Blurb for Practical Green Remodeling

Going green at home can seem like an all-or-nothing proposition. Do you sell everything (including the house) and start over, building and buying only eco-friendly, renewable goods? Or do you take the advice offered up in this smart and sensible book — and remodel instead? Green building expert Barry Katz makes a compelling argument for remodeling, as he guides readers through what can be a perplexing and daunting process. Too many decisions? No worries. Katz explains how different choices impact a home’s overall green quotient, as well as its bottom line. Emphasizing off-the-shelf materials, the book shows how homeowners of ordinary means can “green up” a remodel, resulting in less waste, more energy-efficient homes, lower maintenance costs, and more comfortable, healthful environments. This is an essential guide for anyone who has ever wanted to go green but wasn’t exactly sure where to begin.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50