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Inhuman by Danielle Q. Lee could have been a great story.could have been. But there were several reasons it just didn't play out well. The heroine, Cassia, is supposed to be an alien of some sort.and a Hopi. The hero, Keanu, is from Hawaii. Neither character gave me the impression they were what they were supposed to be and the hero seemed to be a thinly disguised version of the actor of the same name. The book also suffered from poor editing in a lot of places. I'll have to give this one a 2.75 because it failed to deliver on an interesting premise.

Book Blurb for Inhuman

With tuition fees looming, University student Cassia Tiponi is forced to offer herself as a guinea pig to the science department. After much poking and prodding by future doctors and nurses, a blood test reveals something startling...

Cassia does not have human DNA.

While being hunted by a dark faction of the government, she must uncover the secrets surrounding her mysterious birth to discover who...and what...she is.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 2.75