Grace Under Fire

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Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire by Jerri Drennen is a nice, tight, romance about police corruption and true love. I enjoyed the plot and most of the romance. I did have some difficulty with a few places where the hero, Cord Rawlings, seemed to be too naïve for a police officer and a bit too juvenile for a grown man. The heroine, Grace Diaglo, got on my nerves a few times and came off as a whiner in some places as well. On the other hand I did care about what happened to them and rooted for them throughout the story. All things considered the book was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I'll give it a 4.5.

Book Blurb for Grace Under Fire

Romantic suspense Crimson Rosebud

Rating: Spicy

Page Count: 196

Since her husband's death, Grace Diaglo has been sleepwalking through life. That is, until her husband's ex-partner shows up just in time to become her impromptu bodyguard when a peeping Tom is spotted outside her bathroom window. Grace isn't sure who she's more afraid of, the man trying to see her naked or the one she's started picturing that way.

Ex-Chicago cop, Cord Rawlings, intends to find his partner's killer. What he doesn't count on is an intense attraction to the dead man's wife or the corruption a probe into his friend's death uncovers—an investigation that has the pair dodging bullets to stay alive. Will he be able to keep Grace safe or have they become the targets of the last person either of them suspected?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.50