Zombie Lovin'

The Edge Series / Zombies in Vegas - Book One

Olivia Starke departs from the normal zombie tale with this fast a fresh take on the lifeless hero tale. If you are looking for a pleasurable interlude this is the perfect choice. It jumps right into the steamy action and it is a hot, hot, hot exhibit. I’m actually still blushing from their erotic teasing of one another. For a guy with no pulse Jake is a definite catch as a hero. His mid-western hotness and hard body more than make up for his lack of a heartbeat. The fact that this takes place in Vegas is perfect because really who hasn’t fantasized about putting aside their reservations and just letting go in Sin City. When Samantha over indulges it is so enjoyable to see her reactions the morning after as we get to catch glimpses into her character and it is fun to see each trait as it is revealed.

Book Blurb for Zombie Lovin'

Dating a dead guy would be complicated and complications were one thing she liked to avoid.

Samantha Perry expected a fun weekend in Vegas, what she didn’t expect is the hottie she wakes up next to after a wild night of drinking. Tall, blue-eyed, and all American, Jake is the epitome of male virility—give or take the fact he lacks a heartbeat. But sometimes even the living impaired need a little lovin’.

And Jake has a big surprise in store for Samantha…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50