Zeph Undercover

Stone's Crossing

Jenny Andersen embraces small-town living in this wonderfully quaint romantic suspense. Allie Wentworth is so much more than she appears. She’s a small town gal who loves animals and her family and I just know we’d be great friends if I lived in Stone’s Crossing. Zeph Granger is as cunning and sexy as James Bond. He’s a suave playboy with a whole lot more heart then I first expected. I loved watching this sophisticated city man succumb to the rural way of life. His interactions with the animals alone would have been worth reading this book for alone. I’m a fan of small towns and their dynamic characters and this story did not disappoint. Stone’s Crossing was a perfect backdrop for this mystery and I enjoyed getting to meet so many of the interesting residents. The mystery itself was just right, not too complicated and not too simple, but the winning piece of this story was definitely the lead couple and their relationship. I enjoyed the matter-of-fact tone and the fun feeling I got while reading this story and I am looking forward to more by this author.

Zeph Granger is undercover on a case in the small town of Stone’s Crossing, the only problem is, his cover story gives away more than it conceals. Everyone thinks he’s an LA private investigator come to court local vet Allie Wentworth and due to their history she’s willing to help him out. But the longer it takes to solve the mystery the more Zeph starts fitting in. Can this city slicker go country for love?

Book Blurb for Zeph Undercover

True or False? Allie Wentworth is a small town girl. Zeph Granger is an urban sophisticate. Stone's Crossing is a quiet country town.

All true.

But that's not the whole story. Allie's the town veterinarian. Zeph's an ambitious private detective. Tiny, friendly Stone's Crossing is hiding some dangerous secrets, and Zeph is in town to uncover them. He convinces Allie to help him in spite of their crashed-and-burned almost-romance of a summer ago. He goes undercover as her lover, but someone doesn't like his snooping around. At all.

Zeph is in danger, and so is Allie, but not just from the bad guys. Working with Allie is giving Zeph forever thoughts--and Allie is remembering that there's a good man beneath Zeph's slick surface.

He'll do anything to protect her...but a small mountain town is a far cry from the city jungle he knows so well. Can he do it?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00