Yours Truly

K.J. Pierce keeps readers smiling with this fun behind the scenes look at life,on a television show set. Izzie Greene is a quirky character filled with self-doubt and low self-esteem one moment and taking on the world single-handedly the next. I liked the odd mixture of elements that combined to make her Izzie. I admit to judging her harshly when it came to her ex but I could see things from her perspective. I loved watching her become a little awestruck with Cardwell Bennett but only when she thought he might be acting like more than a friend. Cardwell is better than a dream because he is the reality, when gets angry or frustrated and his brogue comes to life I couldn't keep the smile off my face. In fact the book should come with a warning that your face will hurt while reading from all the smiling you will do. I can't decide who kept the grin on my face more, Izzie and her clumsy antics, the bickering between her and her bestie, the actions of her beloved furbaby, the bodyguards or her boss. Needless to say the smile was darn near permanent with the occasional smirk, snort and maybe a head shake or two. If you are looking for a pleasant read this is a great choice.

Izzie Greene is just your average woman working as a caterer on the most popular television show in the country but suddenly her life moves from behind the camera to staring roll when she becomes hounded by the paparazzi and their instinct for a scandalous headline.

Book Blurb for Yours Truly

Izzie Greene never wanted the limelight. As a caterer for Poe, the top-rated U.S. TV show, she had background player down pat. Her main focus was to spoil the cast and crew and fantasize about her celebrity crush, Scotsman Cardwell Bennett, while navigating the daily chaos.

Izzie’s professional life takes a sharp left turn when her ex-boyfriend unexpectedly arrives on set. Her personal life spirals into Hell when she runs afoul of an unethical paparazzo. Thrust into the public eye, her notoriety is fueled by equal measures of constant scrutiny, speculation, and half-truths. Her rumored romance with Cardwell further stokes the flames.

Held captive by the media, accident-prone Izzie struggles to keep her privacy, secrets, and sanity intact—not to mention her sense of humor. With help from her best friend Delly, her temperamental cat Edgar, and unexpected backup, Izzie might withstand the onslaught. And survive the season.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00