You, Me And Sweet Tea

Redneck Fabulous

Calico Daniels definitely knows country! With this fabulously fun and fast read I was left smiling long after I’d gone back to my work day duties. Paisley and Matt are solid characters who both have flaws and yet are so downright likable you forgive them both for any imperfections they have. You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his dog and it was nice to see how much the chubby dog means to him. For all the light and airy content there is a balance of seriousness without it being too disheartening. The setting is genuine and the other characters are spirited and entertaining and over all extremely realistic. This was a quaint story with lively characters and a sweetheart of a storyline, topped off with a lovable pooch. I’d love to visit again and perhaps see Paisley’s friend find romance perhaps with the bartender or someone we haven’t met.

It’s been two years since Matt Archer hit the pro bullriding circuit with some powerful sponsors backing him up and he’s doing well for himself but when an injury interrupts his schedule he heads back home much to the chagrin of his estranged wife. Paisley is just starting to move on after her husband walked away from their marriage and all their plans without so much as a backward glance but now that he’s back in town will he sign the divorce papers and let her have the fresh start she needs. Or will they be able to reconcile and build on the strong love they once had?

Book Blurb for You, Me And Sweet Tea

Paisley Archer has spent two years moving on…or at least trying to. But that is a hard thing to do when around every corner there are reminders of her marriage and its subsequent crumble. But with Matt back in town, all the old feelings are getting stirred up again and she’s not sure she wants them gone forever.

Matt Weston is still in love with his wife. They had the perfect relationship until Paisley called it quits after he became a pro bullrider. Now all he wants to do is figure out if what they had is able to be saved…or if a lonely life on the road is all he’ll ever have.

Small town gossip, a couple who is struggling to figure out what they want, and a dog who has a way of keeping everyone on their toes. Welcome to Big Creek where everything is Redneck Fabulous!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50