XXXmas Ale

Brewing Passion

Liz Crowe concocts one fantastically steamy quick holiday read. Blake is such a charming hero, a wonderful mixture of self-effacing and sexy. Dani is a bold and brazen heroine, she sees something she likes and she goes after it. I'm not honestly sure how I felt about her. On the one hand I admired her determination but her forward behavior had me doubting her professionalism. The attraction between these two was instantaneous and it was interesting to watch the progression. While the relationship develops extremely fast their actions are realistic and captivating and I was pleased to find it was more than entirely sexual. Blake was so captivating in his modesty and he just burrowed into my heart. The descriptions of the setting and surroundings were detailed, making me believe I was right at the brewery, smelling all the earthy scents and hearing all the slightly inebriated conversations. The supporting characters are well developed and so entertaining. I'm looking forward to revisiting with them in other stories. The premise of this story was delightful and the pace fantastic.

The staff at Winter Street Brewing Company are enjoying their holiday party, thanks in small part to the special ale brewed just for this occasion. The high alcohol content and the spicy flavor help warehouse manager Blake overcome his reticence and act on his attraction to the newest employee. Dani is the new female brewer who is an expert of rare Belgian beers and she offers to share her special skill with him.

Book Blurb for XXXmas Ale

Dani, the new female brewer, has something special in mind for Blake behind closed doors of her brew house. Guaranteed to leave an impression…

It's Holiday Party time, and the employees of Winter Street Brewing Co. are doing it up right, with a special ale brewed just for them by one of the owners. High in spice and alcohol, XXXMas Ale gives Blake, the handsome and shy warehouse manager, the liquid courage he needs when he encounters Danielle, the new female brewer. Dani's determination to see what Blake has to offer after their first introduction brings him out of his shell—long enough for him to appreciate not only her expertise with rare Belgian beers, but what passion she offers that may threaten his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.75