Wolf's Princess

After the Crash, #7

Maddy Barone finishes up her futuristic paranormal series with this fantastic finale. It was wonderful catching up with so many characters I'd already met and watching all loose ends become tied up. the conclusion was well done not rushed or contrived and even though this was the final in a series it did not feel as if Rose and Sky did not get the full attention they deserved. Both Rose and Sky had their flaws but at heart are such caring individuals that I wanted things to work out between them so badly I almost held my breath while reading. I loved how the author so easily entwined such serious subject matter with entertainment. I found myself at turns near tears and at other times giggling out loud. The setting was fascinating, bringing to life a world that both fascinated and terrified me. Each supporting character in this story added to my knowledge and my enjoyment. While I'm so very happy to see everything work out for so many of the people in this series I'm also so very sad to see it come to an end. If you like your stories with a captivating leading couple and a solid plot in a fascinating setting this is a must read and if you haven't read this series yet do yourself a favor and pick up the first book and keep reading until you complete this one -- you won't be disappointed.

Rose Turner has been waiting for almost a decade for her mate to return home to her and when she decides to give up on him and find a husband so that she can start a family of her own. Sky Wolfe has no intentions of letting his mate get away from him but since he has been gone he has been working to advance women's rights in Omaha and everything he works for has come to a crucial pass. Rose agrees to accompany him back to Omaha and let him court her before she makes up her mind. Will the plan work or will it backfire?

Book Blurb for Wolf's Princess

When Rose Turner gives up on her supposed wolf shifter mate and goes husband shopping, he finally returns to claim her. But, instead of mating and starting a family, Sky Wolfe drags her into the troubles that have kept him away these past eight years. Wolf’s Princess is the perfect ending to Maddy Barone’s amazing paranormal romance series, After the Crash.

Rose Turner was only sixteen years old when she was flung fifty years into a post-apocalyptic future and claimed by a teenage wolf shifter. When she refused his claim, Sky Wolfe left the den and moved to Omaha, intending to return when she turned eighteen to renew his courtship. Now, eight years later, in the final installment of the After the Crash series, Rose is an old maid with a pack of wolf shifters guarding her from other men. She wants a husband and children, and since Sky has ignored her all these years she decides to find a man to love on her own.

Sky has been busy in Omaha, where women are commodities, working to change the laws that oppress them. Victory is at his fingertips when he receives word his mate is husband shopping. Can he free Omaha’s women and woo his mate? Or will he have to choose between them? Read the breathtaking conclusion to this series, in which a group of plane crash survivors learn to live in a future that is nothing like their past.

Content Notes: Hot, Fantasy, Multi-Cultural, Paranormal, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Shifters, Wolves, Time Travel, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50