Wild Release

Amy Ruttan draws readers into an intense world with this fantastic paranormal romance. The fast pace and pulsing energy of this story kept me quickly turning pages, devouring every detail the author offered up. I admit to curiosity as to just what type of man the hero would be, I was in love with a guy named Étienne in high school and I wasn’t sure if I could get beyond the comparison I would no doubt make. But let me tell you, there was no comparing the two men. All thoughts of anything but what was happening on the page before me were quickly erased and I couldn’t get enough. Cara is a superb heroine and the chemistry between this pair is sizzling. Bear shifters are quickly becoming one of my favorite subgenres in paranormal romance as there is just something about big fierce animals that can often be perceived as cuddly and lovable as well. I cannot wait to read more about these fascinating shifters and their world. If you are looking for a quick adventure this is a must-read.

Cara fled her home ten years ago in the hopes of protecting those she loved, including Étienne, the bear shifter she had planned on mating. Now he has found her and intends to bring her back, if only to see her dying mother. But he has some surprises in store, only one of which is the astounding passion she brings out in him. Can two troubled people let go of the past and make a future together?

Book Blurb for Wild Release

Bear shifter Étienne is haunted by the ghosts of his past. He is physically and emotionally scarred but that doesn’t stop him from protecting his chief and his clan. Until one day when one of those ghosts comes back into his life.

Cara Christoph was forced to flee her people a decade ago in order to protect everyone she loved, including the man she was going mate with, Étienne. She never thought she’d see him again, until he ends up on her doorstep.

Étienne has one job to do, bring Cara home to her dying mother. He can’t let himself get attached, but being so close to her makes the beast inside him wild. All too soon, the passion he thought long gone is rekindled into a burning flame.

A flame that comes perilously close to being snuffed out when Étienne’s troubled past catches up with him.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00