When A Lady Deceives

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When A Lady Deceives

Tara Kingston takes readers into the dark and dirty backstreets of Victorian London with this adventurous historical romance.

Jennie Quinn is not your typical historical heroine. As a reporter it is fascinating to watch her going undercover and trying to get her story and catch a killer. I admired her tenacity and determination. She could have easily led a life of leisure yet instead she uses her talents and intelligence to expose her world’s wrongs. Her stubbornness scared me as I was constantly waiting for her to be exposed or hurt for deliberately putting herself in direct danger.

Matthew Colton is a man of mystery and I believe I fell for him just as Jennie did. He was such a dangerous man and even though we both were sure he would do no harm to her it kept us on our toes waiting to see just what would happen. As pieces of his personality were revealed I was drawn even further into his mystery. This was not a typical historical full of parties and pleasure. This was a story steeped in treachery and temptation and the action starts from the first page and never lets up. If you are looking for an historical romance full of depth and mystery, this is a good choice.

The Story:

Jennie Quinn is determined to discover who killed her source. So she goes undercover as a waitress in London’s criminal underbelly. Soon the bodies are piling up and Jennie’s only ally seems to be her biggest suspect. But passion overrides her common sense.

Book Blurb for When A Lady Deceives

In Victorian London, reporter Jennie Quinn goes undercover seeking justice for a murdered informant, only to be drawn into a criminal’s seductive game. Matthew Colton is a dangerous man with secrets of his own, but the mystery in his eyes and the temptation of his touch prove too powerful to resist. Forging an undeniable passion, Jennie and Matthew must risk everything to destroy the web of treachery that threatens their love—and their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 3.50