Waiting for the Laird

Willa Blair spins a beautiful romance set in the Scottish Highlands full of suspense, history and mystery.

Lara MacLaren is a complicated heroine an American transplant to Scotland she and her children came to make her husband’s dream come true. She is determined to restore the manor her husband had so many dreams for. Her dedication to her husband is admirable her fortitude for staying in a foreign land admirable and her love for her twins is pure. I loved that she was so real, fretting over her feelings for her sexy handyman and her frustrating with her children and her worry over staying in Scotland or returning to the United States. The way she handles the unexpected events in her life with relative ease is amazing but not unbelievable or fake.

Ian Patterson is hero to dream for and is perfect for Lara. I’m usually not a fan of the hero keeping secrets or lying to the heroine but when all the answers are revealed I do understand his reasoning. I like that he is so charming and so well thought of in his community. I loved how he truly cared for the twins and saw them as they were.

The paranormal aspects of the story were absolutely delightful. This is an absolutely wonderful story to read while curled up in a comfy chair with a nice hot drink, I highly suggests you pick it up and enjoy.

The Story:

Determined to complete her deceased husband’s dream of restoring their rundown Scottish manor Lara MacLaren hires local architect Ian Patterson to oversee the job. What Lara doesn’t know is that Ian has a secret that involves the manor and she had no idea the renovations would reveal history, secrets, possible treasures and a ghost. Can their budding romance survive all this turmoil?

Book Blurb for Waiting for the Laird

Widow Lara MacLaren hungers for the hunky architect she hires to restore her derelict Scottish manor, but is she ready for a relationship...and is Ian ready for her twins?

Ian Paterson is eager to awaken Lara's passionate side. Yet, if he reveals his ancestral claim to her estate, he risks losing her and his job. His clan’s history, lost over the years, may be hidden in the walls—along with a ghost waiting for the laird's return.

When they uncover a room full of Jacobite treasure, proof of his ancestry, Ian realizes he’s out of time. If the ghost is real, it could expose his secret and destroy his romance with Lara. Ian must convince her she and her twins are the future he truly wants."

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50