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Wait Watchers

Liberty Heights, #6

Elle Druskin has done it again! Just when I thought nothing else could possibly surprise me in Liberty Heights along comes another adventure. I love this zany town full of quirky residents and I love how quickly outsiders become part of the crazy so easily. I enjoyed catching up with so many old friends from previous stories and meeting some fabulous new residents. Poor Portia seemed like she'd been transported to a whole new world and even though I felt sorry for her I enjoyed watching her cope with all the zaniness. Truman is a truly nice man, it seems like such an dull word but he is the nice guy every woman dreams of. If you are looking for a fun break from the everyday and enjoy some laugh-out-loud fun with your stories this is definitely one to read. If you haven't taken a trip to Liberty Heights yet I'd highly recommend stopping by.

Literary Agent Portia Hart needs to disappear from an insistent stalker so she heads to Liberty Heights to work with her latest client because there is no way a crazy writer is going to derail her career. But soon she finds herself surrounded by a whole new bunch of crazies, albeit manly harmless. Unless you count Truman Wilder who wrecked her eyeglasses and contributed to her sprained ankle. Now she's dealing with the well-meaning but weird Freedbush clan, that includes a delusional Uncle who believes he is Ernest Hemingway and romance rules once again in the picture postcard perfect town.

Book Blurb for Wait Watchers

Straightlaced literary agent Portia Hart is hiding out in Liberty Heights from a crazed writer. She’s sprained her ankle, minus her eyeglasses and can’t see a thing. Newly widowed Truman Wilder is home after a mystery surrounding his wife’s death. The last thing he needs is Portia, but this is Liberty Heights, where lunacy and romance abound. Portia’s stuck at LouAnn Freedbush’s bed and breakfast. Sister BettyAnn is hysterical due to her eviction from Registered Witches of America. Uncle Rupert Freedbush is big game hunting in the backyard. Why? Because Uncle Rupert insists he’s Ernest Hemingway.

The Valentine clan snatched the property Truman needs for his optometry business. They want to open a florist shop. The Valentines are experts thanks to attending loads of funerals only nobody knows where the bodies are buried. This is New Jersey, after all.

Portia isn’t sure how it happened but Elmo, an Alaskan Malamute, has been left in her custody. Elmo’s diet consists of her shoes. What does Wayne, the psychic beagle say about this? How did everyone end up at 1920s Parisian Lost Generation party? Will Elmo eat the town out of footwear?

Men definitely make passes at gals who wear glasses or are nearly blind without them. Romance rules in Wait Watchers!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00