Virgin Lovers

Sam Crescent proves paranormal can be plus size heroine paradise with this sweet and sexy short. Drake has tormented Kelly for as long as she can remember and he's made her feel awful about herself. I think she handles her situation much better than I would have. I believe I would have kicked him where it would hurt the most. While I appreciated why he acted the way he did I can't say I wouldn't have made him suffer a little more than she did but that's why Kelly is such a nice girl. I enjoyed that they both try to make the best out of being basically stranded together and how the relationship builds. I loved how the author handled the curiosity and the awkwardness with a gentleness that brought happy tears to my eyes and some humour that lightened what could have been some heavily emotional moments. I also enjoyed that I got to see their relationships with their family not just through their eyes but through my own. This was a swift read and I would have liked to see the ending show a little more but if you like your curvy gal stories with a paranormal twist this is one to pick up.

The Story: Kelly can't believe the fates could be so cruel. How can anyone possibly think she and Drake are mates and now they have to spend a year alone when all he's ever done is turn his nose up at her. Drake has always been attracted to Kelly but he didn't want anyone telling him how to live his life. So now he has a year to convince her they belong together.

Book Blurb for Virgin Lovers

When Kelly wakes up in a forest with no recollection of how she got there, she knows she’s been picked by the pack elders to be mated. What she can’t believe is that they’ve assigned her a guy she can’t stand. Drake. The one guy who has spent his whole life making her feel like crap is there alone with her.

Drake has done everything to push Kelly away, and it was the biggest mistake of his life. He realizes that now, and this time alone means something to him. He has a chance to start over, to prove to Kelly that he’s the guy for her. Drake has a secret: the only person he’s ever wanted is Kelly. He’s a virgin—and so is she.

One year together. Alone, destined to be mates. The clock is ticking as these two virgins become lovers, but can they be more? Is there more than a physical connection between them? Or is that all they can ever have?

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Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.00