Vegas Stripped

Raven McShane Mysteries book #2

Stephanie Caffrey hits just the right notes with this rocking romp in Sin City. Raven always seems to be a sucker for a good looking man and watching her get a little giddy over the young musician was pretty funny. I love how she seems so real with her bad eating habits and her style. This woman takes her clothing off for a living and yet she still acts kind of like a middle school girl and I like it. Her client seems to have that affect on many women so it was a sweet. With this particular mystery a few serious matters come up and the author does a fabulous job of remaining entertaining and informative without being gratuitous with the situation, which I for one appreciated. If you like your cozy mysteries with a little Las Vegas behind-the-scenes this is a must-read.

Exotic dancer and new PI Raven McShane finds herself yet again involved in a case that takes an interesting turn and leaves her in the middle of a murder investigation. Now she's discovering just how things can be backstage and it isn't pretty. Can she solve the murder before becoming the next victim?

Book Blurb for Vegas Stripped

From bestselling mystery author Stephanie Caffrey comes Sin City's most unlikely detective...

When a heartthrob lounge singer gets passed over for a big promotion, who does he call for help? Raven McShane, the most unconventional detective in Las Vegas. When Raven isn't working at her gentlemen's club, she's stirring up a hornet's nest of trouble as a private detective, but this time she might be in over her head. When her investigation turns bloody, she enlists outside muscle (who just happen to be drop-dead sexy) to help her navigate Nevada's seamy underside and help her client beat a murder charge. Intrigue, betrayal, and colossally bad luck challenge Raven's spirits, but she charges ahead with her chin up and her heels poised to do maximum damage.

Note: This book was previously published under the title: "Ring of Fire."

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00