Up In The Pines

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Up In The Pines

Katie Jennings gives romantic suspense fans everything they could possibly want in this brilliant mystery. There's a sexy Hollywood heartthrob. A strong and determined heroine. Scenery that you can usually only find on a post card. And quaint small town characters as well as a cold case murder and a fresh crime. Truly there is nothing more needed.

Lark Galloway is a serious and protective Montana deputy. She sticks to the facts but relies on her gut instinct. Sawyer Matheson is the hometown celebrity. He's a Hollywood Screenwriter with a string of big successes but he isn't arrogant or obnoxious. Watching how gracious he was with his excited fans totally won me over. Seeing him dealing with so much heartbreak from the past and the present and still remain polite was great. These two people working together to solve a mystery and deal with their attraction is a beautiful thing. I couldn't get enough. Each clue revealed and suspect suspected kept me dreading the outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and I cannot wait to see what else this author has to offer because even if it is only half as enjoyable as this book it will be worth picking up.

The Story: Deputy Lark Galloway has been training for her job her entire life knowing she would follow in her father's footsteps. Her life is basically serious with no room for excessive emotion. When Hollywood screenwriter Sawyer Matheson returns home looking for some solis Lark can't help but remember the crush she's always had on him. Then a murder investigation throws them together. Can they solve the crime and plan a future together?

Book Blurb for Up In The Pines

Deep in the mountains of Montana, Deputy Lark Galloway discovers a body. Despite being nothing more than bones, she connects the remains to a resident who disappeared twenty years earlier. As she unravels the dead man’s history to solve his murder, someone tries desperately to throw her off the scent. Meanwhile, famed Hollywood screenwriter Sawyer Matheson returns to town to escape his cheating fiancé, only to find himself at the heart of Lark’s investigation. Sparks fly as things heat up between Lark and Sawyer, but nothing can prepare her for the earth-shattering truth behind the body in the pines.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50