Unguarded Love: Nita & Daniel

Black Swan Book 4

KaLyn Cooper once again brings on the action and the adventure of a fabulous group of ladies. Nita Banks is one complex heroine. Having met her in the previous stories in this series I couldn’t wait to find out exactly what made her tick. After all I already admired her professional skills but wondered what was under that smart mouth and tough exterior. It turns out there is so much more to her than I was ever expecting. I knew she had the capacity to love big as her commitment and affection towards her friends was clearly visible and I loved finding out just why she was so guarded. More enjoyable than finding out why she was so guarded was watching her let that guard down.

Daniel Callahan is as complex and multilayered as Nita and yet he seems like an open book compared to her, even with his myriad of secrets. I loved witnessing the super high heat level between these two and yet their deeper emotions were just as combustible.

This story took me on an unbelievable ride of twists, turns and ups and downs. There was adventure and anticipation, high emotion and deep contentment and it all meshed together seamlessly.

Surrounded by a lush location and a cast of unforgettable characters, "Unguarded Love" is not to be missed.

With each of these stories I become more and more fascinated with these military ladies and the men strong enough to love them. I cannot wait to see what happens next. If you haven’t yet read any of this series do yourself a favor and pick up this book. When you're done you will definitely enjoy going back for more.

The Story:

Nita Banks has faced terrorists, assassins and angry politicians without blinking. But she never wants to face another sick child in her lifetime. Now she’s faced with an Ebola outbreak and she needs to help the CDC find the cure.

Daniel Callahan’s biggest worry is not blowing his CIA cover but now he’s faced with a coup and a sick child.

How can these two possibly find the time to deal with the attraction they have during this crazy time?

Book Blurb for Unguarded Love: Nita & Daniel

She couldn’t lose another sick baby…then he brought her his dying daughter

After a tragedy in med school, Nita Banks decided she never wanted anything to do with treating sick children ever again. When Ebola breaks out in the middle of a Central American coup, she has her hands full between missions and helping the CDC find a cure.

As an undercover CIA agent, Daniel Callahan was an expert at keeping secrets. None of his family or American friends knew about his two children until his baby daughter became sick, and adults were dying all around him. The only person he trusted with her care was his first true female friend, Nita. Even though she’s his sister’s good friend and teammate, the feelings he has for her are far from familial.

When Nita discovers Daniel’s baggage includes a diaper bag and a rollie with superheroes on it, she’ll have to face her fears or lose both the baby and Daniel.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 5.00