Undercover Lover

Tibby Armstrong offers readers a sexy spy story that’s almost addictive! I had such a hard time putting this down but finally had to in the early morning hours because I had to get to work the next day. I really just wanted to call in sick and finish reading and it was all I could think about all day. Jenny and Gunter got under my skin and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. All the characters are fabulously detailed and I am in love with Simon, I cannot wait for him to get his own adventure! Jenny was so determined that I couldn’t help but cheer her on and feel a little sorry for her target because poor Gunter never stood a chance once she made up her mind. The locations seemed to have a life of their own and the vivid description transported me. The action, intrigue and emotion all combined to make this an adventurous read with substance. I’m looking forward to checking out what else this author has to offer.

Book Blurb for Undercover Lover

Good girl Jenny Ainsley never hoped for more than her nine-to-five existence. Then her famous brother hires a bodyguard to protect her—a sinfully sexy man who gets drawn into a plot to take down an international drug syndicate. At first an unwilling participant, Jenny soon realizes she has the opportunity to break away from her timid past and do something important. And getting her hot bodyguard into bed will be a delicious bonus. He resists her at every turn, however, and she discovers that no amount of training—or seduction—can crack the code to this man’s heart.

Ex-MI-5 agent Günter Faust is no stranger to watching the beautiful Jenny Ainsley. For years he’s seen to her safety, hiding in the shadows and pining for the woman he can never have. Bedding a client is not an option. But fate has put her by his side, working up close and personal. And with Jenny’s relentless determination to seduce him, it’s only a matter of time before she blows his cover—and his heart—wide open.

Publisher’s Note: Although connected to Sheet Music, Undercover Lover may be read as a standalone novel.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50