Uncharted Love

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Uncharted Love

Places to See, #4

Joanne Jaytanie sails readers off into the sunset with this sweet and suspenseful romance. Ellie is an interesting heroine, I wasn’t expecting her to embrace her vacation so whole-heartedly because she seemed such a determined workaholic but it was easy to see how she was lured away from the work she took along. Jax was so stern at first meeting that I was afraid he had spoiled his chances with Ellie but I’m glad he came around and relaxed his guard even though I totally understood why he did react the way he did. The supporting characters were entertaining and interesting and truth be told I’d love to see Jax’s friends have their own stories as I believe the opportunity for adventure is waiting there. I enjoyed the description of the cruise ship and it makes me want to take one myself even more so. The swift moving mystery was such a nice bonus to this short love story and I enjoyed it immensely. If you are looking for a wonderful quick read and sweet romance with a little suspense is your favorite well than this is a must read!

Ellie is a workaholic who agrees to a vacation after losing a dear friend and agreeing to keep one last promise. However her relaxing vacation is anything but when her cabin safe is robbed and her most precious family heirloom is stolen. First her ex steals from her business and disappears and now when she is finally moving forward this happens. Jax has also been jilted and robbed by love but he’s determined to find Ellie’s lost treasure. Can they also find healing love with one another?

Book Blurb for Uncharted Love

Nine years ago, Ellie’s now ex-boyfriend was the finance manager of her publishing house. He drained all her bank accounts and disappeared. Since that time, she has not made any effort to pursue a new relationship or even date. Her life revolves around her growing business and small group of women friends, who are all single, about the same age, have no kids, and are driven to succeed in their careers.

Jax’s one serious attempt at love ended in disaster. While stationed on a destroyer and out to sea, his fiancée fell in love with his childhood friend. They emptied his house and his bank account never to be seen again. From that day forward his promised himself that he would maintain course and follow his charted life plan.

To fulfill a promise to a dead friend, Ellie books a cruise aboard Jax’s ship. They are thrown together after someone breaks into Ellie’s stateroom and steals her ring and family heirloom. Can a small town girl and a globe-trotter find common ground and discover their uncharted love?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50