Two Hotties Next Door

Sam Crescent takes fans back to two of the best properties around with this steamy contemporary romance. Ace was a personable fun guy and I enjoyed his almost obsession with his new neighbor. His relationship with his coworker and best friend was unique and they were indeed more like brothers. Brett seemed to be the more serious of the two. Meredith is definitely an unusual heroine. She is artistic with all the ups and downs that tend to go along with that personality. I enjoyed the fact that while she wasn’t close to her family she did have someone in her life who was More supportive than family. I liked how free spirited she was and her confusion over her feelings for both men. She never made excuses for her feelings but she did question the consequences or difficulties that could come with it. Ace, Brett and Meredith are a great combination. However, I will admit to not feeling as connected to them as I had to previous residents of the houses. This didn’t stop me from enjoying the story. I think I just have high expectations for this author. I mean I seriously love this author. If you're looking for a steamy multiple romance this is a great choice.

The Story: Meredith has moved from the city to clear her mind and restore her creativity. She didn’t know the house she chose has a history, a history where neighbors end up falling in love. Can it be true? But which of her new neighbors will it be or could she possibly be lucky to fall in love with them both?

Book Blurb for Two Hotties Next Door

For three months, Ace has been completely obsessed with the next-door neighbor. His housemate and BFF, Brett, can’t get enough of watching her either. She’s a mystery they want to solve.

Meredith is an artist in a creative funk. For most of her life she has never conformed, never done what people expect, living her life her way. Her two sexy neighbors are the sweetest guys she’s ever met, and they do what months of relaxation have failed to do. Out of the blue, Brett and Ace become her inspiration, giving back her creativity.

Ace and Brett both want her, but being best friends, they have no intention of fighting over her. They’ll take her, together.

Belonging to Brett and Ace is new for Meredith, but what starts out as some fun soon changes as they each realize what they want more than anything else in the world. But will they have the courage to admit it, or will fear hold them back?

Is their threesome doomed from the start, or has the power of the two houses struck again?


Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), double penetration, anal sex, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.00