Truth About Love & Murder

Love & Murder Book 1

Edie Ramer portrays a powerful subject matter and not only makes it entertaining she makes it riveting. She presents a beautifully heartbreaking yet heartwarming, suspenseful love story. Meg Quinn is a great leading lady, she is tough and yet she is so caring to those she loves. I love her bluntness. Witnessing her interacting with her best friend were some of the most rewarding scenes of friendship I've every read. Meg's animosity towards Easy MacLean is totally understandable when they first met but as we both got to know him it was easy to see that her first impressions were not totally accurate. The mystery itself was interesting but not extremely difficult to solve, while still keeping the reader engaged in the action. Watching Easy come to terms with his sister's illness and his friend's problems while handling his feelings for Meg is a delight. Usually I am not a fan of heartache with my love stories as I prefer to keep things on the lighter side but if this story is any indication of how well the two emotions interact I just may have to rethink my stand. If you are looking for a beautiful story look no farther!

Former marine Easy MacLean doesn't like complications but when his sister is about to lose her battle with cancer he can't deny things any longer. He finds himself co-guardian to his young nephew with his sister's best friend Meg. And if that isn't complicated enough a friends asks him to help find her missing boyfriend and he finds himself drawn into the world of homeless veterans. Can these two find love during this unbelievable time?

Book Blurb for Truth About Love & Murder

From award-winning, USA Today bestselling author Edie Ramer comes a romantic suspense with mystery, suspense, and heartwarming emotion.

The truth is that life is uncertain.

Meg Quinn hasn’t been to war, but her father has, and it changed their lives for the bad—and for the good. Now she has a sharp tongue and a mind to match ... and she doesn’t trust easily. The best person she knows is losing a fight with death, and Meg is guardian of her friend’s seven-year-old son.

Easy MacLean, the co-guardian, is Meg’s dying friend’s brother. The former Marine has been hibernating in his Colorado mountain home, and Meg lets him know that he needs to be by his sister’s side in Milwaukee now.

Easy is attracted to his sister’s clever friend, but life gets complicated when he gets involved in a search for a missing veteran. After living alone with his rescue dog for so long, Easy and his dog are now sharing a home with a beautiful woman, a boy, and a cat. Even as he watches his sister die a little each day, he’s finding out the truth about love and life ... and murder.

Each book in the series will stand-alone.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00