Treasuring Theresa

Susana Ellis gives readers a sweet Regency romance with this story and for fans of the traditional this is a must read. Upon introduction Lady Theresa is quite a bit of a surprise, yet as her character is revealed I believe she became one of my favorite heroines. Damian Ashby, Viscount Clinton, seemed extremely full of himself yet he soon proved that first impressions are not always accurate. I enjoyed watching his character adapt to the new situations he was facing and while his valet might not have been impressed I definitely was. As a character-based story the author did a fantastic job of bringing together two fascinating people and describing their reactions and interactions. This was a genuine treat for traditional Regency fans and I highly recommend it.

Lady Theresa does not want to be humiliated when attending the betrothal ball of the man she thought she would be marrying so she puts herself out rather forwardly to Damian Ashby, Viscount Clinton in the hopes his marked attention will stop the pitying looks she has been receiving. She does not make a great impression on her father’s heir, which is too bad when it looks as if the gentleman will be inheriting sooner than anyone realized and Lady Theresa will be left husbandless and homeless.

Book Blurb for Treasuring Theresa

What would you do if you were a Regency lady, the daughter of an earl, raised primarily on the family country estate, whose father lost all his money—including your dowry—and then became mortally ill, leaving you destitute when the new heir takes over the reins? To make matters worse, the man you expected to marry proposes to someone else and you have to attend his betrothal ball and pretend not to see the pitying looks of the other guests who are aware of your humiliation.

Ah, but then you notice the arrival of a noted Corinthian, easily the most dashing gentleman in attendance, who also happens to be your father’s heir, and an idea occurs to you. If he were to pay you marked attention—single you out from the other young ladies—the expression on the other guests’ faces would turn to envy, and you could return home with some dignity intact.

It doesn’t matter that this particular gentleman is the type of London fribble you’ve always despised, or that he might consider your behavior forward and dismiss you as a country bumpkin. It’s only for one evening…and you’ll more than likely never see him again.

Except that…fate might have something else in mind for the country lady and the haughty viscount, once they both realize that first impressions can be deceiving.

Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00