To Die For

Caitlyn Willows introduces readers to an absolutely brilliant heroine in this contemporary romantic suspense story. Zoe White is a woman who can take care of herself. After living an absolute nightmare she is determined to never be defenseless again. Her strength and her heart make her just one of the most beautiful heroines I've ever come across. Detective Frank Ludwig is absolutely dream worthy and watching him struggle with the fact that Zoe often doesn't need him to rescue her is fantastic. I loved that as a reader by the time I'm introduced to him his feelings have already been firmly engaged. The various levels to the mystery were more than I was expecting and I was continually surprised but what happened with each twist and turn. I enjoyed how the author wove together the sexual tension with the adventure and a solid attraction so seamlessly that I was drawn in to the story so completely that I couldn't stop until the last word. This story had all my favorite elements. You get a sexy alpha male, a smart curvy heroine, lots of action, even more romance and some humor. I honestly just couldn't get enough and I cannot wait to read more from this author because even if they are only half as good as this they will be well worth the read.

The Story: Zoe White has had one hell of a day. Her calm and soothing voice was able to diffuse a horrible situation with a cop killer. but the crisis is far from over as the killer is the ex she's been on the run from and now that he's found her she's afraid this time she'll never escape.

Book Blurb for To Die For


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The sound of her voice saved a cop’s life…and put a target on her back.

Zoe White’s got a voice to die for and the full-figured body to match. Sad that it’s taken another officer’s near-tragedy to spur Detective Frank Ludwig into finally making his move. Now that he has, Frank’s determined to be Zoe’s hero when her unselfish act makes her a killer’s target. It doesn’t take him long to realize Zoe doesn’t need a hero. She’s a survivor, perfectly able to defend herself…and Frank, too, when the chips are down.

What’s a guy to do when his woman ‘mans up’ before he does?

Then Frank learns just how much Zoe has sacrificed to recover from past demons and how determined those same demons are to destroy her again. He realizes there’s more to being a hero than fighting bad guys. A true hero helps the woman he loves retrieve the final fragments of her shattered life. Yes, Zoe can clearly defend herself. Now he’s depending on her staying alive long enough that he can be the hero she needs.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 5.00