Tinsel in a Tangle

Ainslie Paton pens a delightful holiday short story that blends the joys and pains of office life.

Shelby Yule is wonderful in her Human Resources role and her genuine and caring nature shines through as she tries to ensure everyone at her company enjoys a healthy work life balance. Watching her bringing a little joy and fun into the days of her coworkers was a treat. I cringed repeatedly at the way she was treated by her boss as I’ve had the unfortunate luck to find myself in a similar situation. I couldn’t help but commiserate with her.

Adam Tide is a wonderful hero; the wonderful average-guy kind of man that melts your heart with his honesty and attractive awkwardness. I loved how we got to see so much of the action through his eyes and how non-threatening his masculinity was until he reached his tipping point and I don’t blame him at all. I’m only surprised at how well he handled things up until that incident. If you like a few giggles and a lasting feel good feeling you’ve got to check out this seasonal short.

The Story: Shelby Yule and Adam Tide are a perfectly matched pair, if only they could find the courage to take a chance on love. This shy couple will need more than spending every day in the same office in order to reveal their feelings, perhaps they will get a holiday miracle.

Book Blurb for Tinsel in a Tangle

A Christmas story that packs a punch...

It's Shelby Yule's job to make sure the office Christmas party was a success. That means no dodgy Kris Kringle presents, no one gets too sloshed, and there are definitely no dance floor injuries. Never did she think she'd have to worry about the shy new guy, her inappropriate crush, starting a fight.

Adam Tide can't help it if his job as the lead coder means he has a better relationship with his project management software than his human colleagues, but that doesn't mean he's unaware of Felix, head of HR, and the way he treats Shelby. Adam has suffered a whole twelve months of Felix being a dick and after one over–warm beer he just can't take it anymore.

Decking Felix lands Adam in the Emergency Room, and likely the unemployment line, but since Shelby's New Year's resolution is to go after what she wants most, there's still a chance this season will be jolly.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.00