The Ugly Duckling's Valentine

Julia Parks brings to life a fabulous Valentine’s romp with this fun and sweet Regency romance. Lord Kittridge is quite the dashing hero and the fact that he has such a big heart won me over right away, make no wonder the hero had lost her heart to him so many years ago. I love how he’s the one who thought of the plan to make her happy and that he ends up so frustrated when he needn’t have worried. Claire is such a genuinely kind-hearted young lady that I couldn’t help but cheer her on as both a success for her season and in the hopes she’d win over the man of her dreams. The family is so realistic, so boisterous and I enjoyed all the interactions. I loved that the setting didn’t feel forced and while it wasn’t glaringly mentioned it was an important element to the story. I love traditional Regencies and this one was a definite treat. I’m looking forward to reading many more novellas by this talented author.

Claire is about to make her debut but she is afraid she will never live up to the success of her beautiful family members. Lord Kittridge has always had a special place in his heart for his best friend's youngest sister and he wants to make her launch into society easier so he decides to bolster her confidence with an anonymous Valentine. But she is soon receiving more Valentine's than anyone could imagine. While she begins to fall in love with one of her secret admirers Kit wonders if he has discovered to late how much he loves Claire?

Book Blurb for The Ugly Duckling's Valentine

Kit's invention of a secret admirer for Claire goes awry when she falls in love with her phantom lover and he finds himself in love with her.

Claire is not a beauty, but she does hope to find someone quiet, someone nice, who might want to make her his wife. Instead, her Valentine box is overflowing with love letters, all from secret admirers. Only one captures her heart, but can she trust her heart and take a chance on love?

Lord Kittridge wants only happiness for Claire so he invents a secret admirer for her. After all, she's like a sister to him, but when he realizes she has fallen in love with her admirer, he realizes he wants her for himself - always and forever. But how can he confess to his subterfuge and win her love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50