The Twelfth Night Wager

Regan Walker gives readers a wonderful holiday Regency romance that can be enjoyed all year round. Without too much Christmas frivolity this story is easily enjoyed long after the season has passed and you will not feel odd reading it. Eustace is quite the charmer and I freely admit that I was prepared to heartily dislike him after his introduction but his charm quickly won me over. I’m looking forward to reading the previous stories by this author after meeting some most interesting characters. The plot was entertaining, the characters engaging and the descriptions enchanting. I enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading more by this new to me author.

Widowed Lady Leisterfield finds herself the subject of a scandalous wager, when she comes out of mourning, she is not interested in succumbing to Viscount Eustace’s many charms, she has no need for the gentleman until an urgent matter must be dealt with and the Redheaded Rake steps in to help. But will dealing with this crisis put an end to their promising relationship?

Book Blurb for The Twelfth Night Wager


It was a dull day at White’s the day he agreed to the wager: seduce, bed and walk away from the lovely Lady Leisterfield, all by Twelfth Night. But this holiday season, Christopher St. Ives, Viscount Eustace, planned to give himself a gift.


She was too proper by half—or so was the accusation of her friends, which was why her father had found her a husband. But Lord Leisterfield was now gone a year, and Grace was at last shedding the drab colors of mourning. The house felt empty, more so during the coming Christmastide, and so tonight would begin with a scandalous piece of theater. The play would attract rogues, or so promised her friend the dowager countess. Rogues, indeed. The night would preface the greatest danger—and the greatest happiness—that Grace had ever known.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00