The Riddle Key

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The Riddle Key

Jane Drager creates a detailed and delightful psychological suspense between the pages of "The Riddle Key". Marina Cavanaugh is an intelligent and inquisitive leading lady while Jonathan Blandish makes for a mysterious and attractive suspect. I admit I was as intrigued as Marina when she was told about the new job and I was as disappointed and confused as she when the house revealed no immediate antiques or treasures.

I loved Jonathan’s son and his mother but while reading I felt on edge with every page wondering just what the heck was going on and what exactly Marina had gotten herself into and just who could she trust. The characters and suspects were all interesting and varying. The suspense not too action packed or too cerebral. I found myself as determined as the heroine to get to the bottom of the entire situation no matter how many twists and turns or what emotions came in to play. The conclusion was believable and satisfactory and to be completely honest I would give this story a perfect rating except for the fact I was left with a rather big unanswered question. A question I believe might not bother most readers but has left me guessing. If you are looking for a clever suspense I suggest you pick this one up.

The Story: Marina Cavanaugh has a solid reputation in the antique world so while not surprised when she is offered a large sum by Jonathan Blandish to catalogue his deceased brother’s home she is a little surprised. Soon she finds herself tied up in a murder investigation and she doesn’t know who she can trust.

Book Blurb for The Riddle Key

Antiques expert Marina Cavanaugh is offered an exorbitant salary to appraise a dead man's estate. For a chance at easy money, she accepts the job but soon discovers hidden cameras in the darkest, gloomiest house she's ever seen.

Jonathan Blandish, who hired her, wants to know why his murdered brother left a series of cryptic messages implicating Marina. Even a layman can see the house contains only rummage-sale junk. But his brother's forty-million-dollar fortune is missing, and Marina is the key.

From the second they meet, Marina and Jonathan are at odds. He's too bossy and reminds her of her abusive father. She's too independent…and too beautiful for him to ignore. A second murder and Marina’s disappearance raises the danger level. Convinced she was captured for the clues in the riddles, Jonathan races against time to find her before the killer realizes she knows nothing at all.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.00