The Resort

A Frankie James Mystery Book 1

T.R. Grady creates a fantastic small town mystery tale. Frankie James is a determined woman. She has the skills do to her job and the patience to deal with all the opposition she faces. I enjoyed how she didn't get too emotional but she also was far from letting people walk all over her. Riley Jakes is more than he appears and the fact that he is looking for missing sister immediately endeared him to me. I felt the frustration along with him and I admired his restraint when it came to his treatment in town. I admit that I was disappointed with the end, which really hampered my enjoyment of the book. But that is probably a personal preference, so it might not bother all readers. The obvious physical attraction was there between the leading couple and it was interesting to see how they dealt with it as they were both obviously not looking for it. The mystery was solid and I enjoyed the layers and twists. The characters in the story all had a purpose and were intriguing and I enjoyed how some developed from the beginning of the story to the end.

The Story: New Chief Frankie James has her hands full investigating a suspicious death that everyone in town seems to want ruled a suicide. She doesn't have time for biker Riley Jakes who shows up looking for his missing sister. Soon she finds herself investigating the resort in town and fighting off opposition from the town as well as her attraction to the sexy biker.

Book Blurb for The Resort

The tragic death of a teen haunts newly appointed Bear Lake Police Chief, Frankie James. Although pressured to rule the death a suicide, she’s convinced it was murder and is determined to prove it. But a Harley riding stranger keeps stealing her focus…now if she can keep him from stealing her heart.

A search for his missing sister brings biker Riley Jakes to Bear Lake. He seeks assistance from the local police and is unprepared when he discovers his fantasy woman…and she’s a cop. His fantasies, however, never included being arrested by the woman of his dreams.

They have no business falling for each other, but love never listens to reason.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 3.50