The Princess and the Poison

Storybook Park Mysteries book #1

Carol E. Ayer offers up the not so fairy tale lifestyle of the owner of a storybook theme park in this cozy mystery. Ashling Cleary is quite endearing. Her fear of commitment, her stress eating and her worry for her friends and employees made her appealing and I wanted her to make it through this whole crazy ordeal. After all how can I not cheer on a woman who loves to wear fairy tale inspired jewellery? I enjoyed how well rounded the characters were, no one would have blamed the author for making Katrina an entirely spoiled brat but after her death we catch glimpses of some good and it is so well woven into the story that it is even more believable. Ashling’s romantic interest is a sweet man who shows far more patience than I ever thought possible and he made me smile with every show of affection towards her. I also adored her cat because, what can I say I’m a cat lady! If you like your mysteries with a quirky setting and even quirkier characters this is a good solid choice.

Ashling Cleary may not be living a perfect Hollywood Happily Ever After life but she enjoys owning her storybook theme park working with her best friend and some hormonal teens. When actress Katrina Irvine volunteers to star in the summer play series things look up until she dies during her first performance, now it’s up to Ashling to find a killer.

Book Blurb for The Princess and the Poison

Ashling Cleary, the owner and manager of a storybook theme park in Northern California, isn't exactly leading the fairy tale life she'd always dreamed of. She's stress-stuffing herself like Jack Sprat's wife who could eat no lean, her happily-ever-after with her boyfriend isn't going as expected, and her employees are an unruly, if loveable, bunch of teens. Ashling hopes things will turn around when she lands the hot Hollywood actress Katrina Irvine to star in the lead of their summer Sleeping Beauty play. But when Katrina is murdered—right in the middle of a performance!—Ashling's luck goes from bad to worse. And when her best friend becomes the number one suspect, it's up to Ashling to figure out who the true killer is before anyone else comes to a not-so-fairytale ending in her park.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.50