The Phoenix Agency: Arctic Burn

62 Degrees North Book 1

Amy Ruttan heats up the cold north with this fast paced short romance. Bryant Quill is the kind of man almost everyone dreams of. He's a strong hero who knows his heart and he has no chance of finding the woman he loves. Lexie Nevue is a fascinating woman. Her abilities and powers are a lot to deal with. But her strength shines through when she finds herself in such a dangerous situation. I loved how I was immediately drawn into the story. I felt as if I was part of their connection from before the story started. I loved how seamlessly action adventure, mystery and paranormal elements came together in such an entertaining scenario. The setting became a sort of supporting character and it couldn’t have been a better choice. I enjoyed meeting so many fascinating people and I cannot wait to return to this intriguing world.

The Story: Bryant Quill has relocated to the far north knowing that the woman he loves is living somewhere in the area and he’s determined to find her no matter how long it takes. However he finds that she is so close to him but also under huge threat. Can he keep her safe and convince her they belong together?

Book Blurb for The Phoenix Agency: Arctic Burn

He’d been burned once by her love…

Bryant Quill left the airforce after his tour of duty. He came north to work for his old airforce buddy as a bush pilot in Yellowknife and to find the one who got away. The one who not only left a mark on his soul, but on his skin.

Lexie Nevue has learned to hide. Growing up as a strong telekinetic, she was shamed into keeping her abilities secret, but it’s not so much the telekinesis that bothers her, but the fact that when she feels any strong emotion her world literally burns down. After hurting the only man she ever loved, she fled back to her roots in northern Canada.

She’s hiding from Bryant, from the Lotus Circle and now she’s hiding from a terrorist organization that wants to use her telekinetic abilities to recover something deep beneath the permafrost. Something that can bring about the end of the world.

When Bryant is contacted by Mike D’Antoni of the mysterious Phoenix Agency, his mission is clear, to save the world he has to risk being burned again.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.00