The Perfect Suspect

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The Perfect Suspect

Nancy Sweetland writes her author heroine into a corner with this interesting romantic suspense story. Jen Wright finds herself right in the action and I couldn’t help but admire her calm when faced with such a crazy situation. I also wasn’t sure if I thought she was foolhardy or bold in taking the investigation into her own hands. I enjoyed the fact that everyone except her mother was basically a suspect. Deputy Ross Tyler is far from perfect, the fact that he ran hot and cold kept me on my toes as much as it did Jen. And I could completely understand her reluctance to trust him what with her past record. I found the setting to be stunning, so much so I’d love to visit the beautiful woods as they were so wonderfully described. Bits and pieces and hints are dropped using flashbacks, which I am honestly not a fan of but seemed to be needed in order for valid conclusions to be made. I enjoyed the various layers of this mystery and how in the end it all came together in an outcome I quite frankly wasn’t expecting. If you like your mysteries with a little romance and a lot of secrets this is one for you.

Jen Wright desperately needs to complete a plot for her upcoming novel, so sight unseen she buys a cabin in the woods of northern Wisconsin. She finds ex-husband number one dead when she gets there. Jen’s life turns into the perfect story when she becomes the perfect suspect and everything keeps getting worse. Can she clear her name and meet her publisher’s deadline?

Book Blurb for The Perfect Suspect

Twice divorced and wary about relationships, Jen Wright buys a cabin in far north Wisconsin to get away to plot her next novel. She doesn’t expect to find her first ex-husband shot dead in the bedroom. A note in his pocket declares, J set me up.

And she doesn’t expect to be attracted to handsome Deputy Ross Tyler, recently rejected by his fiancée. Like Jen, he’s unwilling to risk his heart again.

She’s the perfect suspect, and blustery Sheriff Sturge isn’t going to let her forget it. When the murder weapon is found in her van, he’s even more convinced of her guilt.

Jen soon realizes she’s actually living the best plot ever . . . but unless she can uncover some answers, she may have to write the story from jail.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.50