The Murder of Grace Bryant

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The Murder of Grace Bryant

Suzanne Rossi delves into the past and risks the future in this fabulous mystery. Callie Bryant is such a strong and determined woman and I felt almost as invested as she was in finding out who killed her mother so many years ago. While her story is absolutely tragic and I was heartbroken for her I can truthfully say I never once felt sorry for her. This young woman did not need anyone's pity she just wanted and needed answers. I enjoyed the fact that while she didn't have every step figured out she was able to give her plans some thought and wing it when needed. So often reporters are portrayed as either villains or super heroes and yet Josh Hendricks was neither. He was simply a good man with a profession he is meant for. I'm a sucker for romance with my mystery so I enjoyed the relationship developing between these two. The possible suspects were intriguing and I loved seeing details revealed and layers peeled away. The fact that as a reader we learned things just as she did and had no insight into what happened in the past made for a thrilling ride. If you like your mysteries on the smart side this is a must read.

Years ago Callie Bryant's father was convicted of murdering her mother and while she was in the house that night she has no memory of the event. But she knows in her heart her father was innocent so she's come back home to prove it. Will she clear his name or become a victim?

Book Blurb for The Murder of Grace Bryant

Callie Bryant, a young woman with partial amnesia, returns to her childhood home with hopes of restoring the memories that are slowly coming back. She may have been a witness to her mother's murder twenty-five years before. Instead of being welcomed, Callie finds some people just want her to leave town. Anonymous letters show up, followed by threatening phone calls. Intruders invade the house. The ante is upped when someone shoots out her front window.

The only person she trusts is reporter, Josh Hendricks. He is new in town and not a suspect at the time of her mother's death. Intrigued, he agrees to help discover why certain city officials are refusing to answer her questions. Never tell a reporter, “No.” Josh asks questions of his own throwing himself into the mystery. As time passes, their relationship deepens.

Falling in love was not part of the plan. The more they investigate, the more nervous the killer becomes. Callie and Josh are not safe. Callie is remembering, and the clock is ticking down on the killer's freedom.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.50