The Lady's Revenge

Arabella Sheraton continues the adventure with this breathtaking story. Miss Letitia DeVere is one of the most manipulative antagonist I've met in any story I can remember. She is so well written that even while I despised her I couldn't help admire the author for bringing her so perfectly to life. After having lost my heart a little to Lord Blackwood in the previous story I was so disappointed that he feel for Letitia's machinations so easily. If I was Prudence I'm not sure I wouldn't have given him a much bigger show of temper on more than one occasion. It was nice to catch up with a few of the characters from the previous story and to meet a few more entertaining new ones. I would recommend reading the previous story first as this isn't really much of a romance if you do not as the connection was made in the first adventure. I highly enjoyed this story and I'm looking forward to reading more from this talented author.

After a two-year absence the young woman Lord Charles Blackwood had mourned has returned from the dead and now Miss Patience Cherwell's plan for happily-ever-after may never come true. Although there was never a formal engagement Charles did have very strong feelings for Letitia and the scheming woman is prepared to stop at nothing to marry her former admirer. The happiness of three people lie in his decision, who will he choose?

Book Blurb for The Lady's Revenge

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

Lord Charles Blackwood and Miss Patience Cherwell have continued on their path of newfound romance, following Charles’ disclosure of his love for Patience at the Valentine Ball. Indeed, all indications point to the their inevitable engagement and marriage. Until Miss Letitia DeVere returns to London after a mysterious two-year absence, shocked to find her former admirer and almost fiancé, Charles, near proposing to another woman. Letitia is not a woman to give up what she wants easily, and she wants Charles back. Letitia has a dark past, full of secrets that could ruin her newfound social success. When Charles proves to be less malleable to her seduction and wiles to lure him back than she had expected, Letitia realizes she has real competition. Patience is not one to sit back and let Letitia take the man of her dreams away without a fight. Patience sees through the lies and tricks Letitia spins, but refuses to play her rival’s games, hoping her own forthrightness will not only win the day, but the hand and heart of the man she loves. But who will Charles choose?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00