The Highlander's Choice

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The Highlander's Choice

Marriage Mart Mayhem, #5

Callie Hutton transports readers to the rugged and beautiful highlands in this fantastic Regency romance.

Lady Sybil Lacey is such a delightful heroine. In the previous stories of this series we only caught short glimpses of this fascinating woman. I loved getting to know her and watching her getting to know herself a little more as she explored Scotland and her feelings for this new place and the people living there. She was so much stronger than I was expecting. She is mature and determined and remains true to herself and her beliefs.

Liam McBride is a typical Highlander in all the good, sexy ways. He is also such a loyal and dedicated man who acts in the best interest of his clan. His prejudice for the English is a big obstacle for a romance with Lady Sybil. All things being equal she has her own preconceived notions about the Scots and they aren’t very flattering. Watching these two dealing with their attraction to each other was an absolute treat and seeing Lady Sybil without her family revealed so much about her.

I loved the setting as it was practically a main character. I would love to see Liam’s two sisters get their own adventures when the time comes. I thoroughly enjoyed this instalment of the series and cannot wait to read the remaining stories. This author has become one of my must-reads.

The Story:

Lady Sybil Lacey is not happy to make the trip to Scotland but when her friend asks her to accompany her to her wedding Sybil cannot refuse. She simply hopes to make it safely through the ceremony and head back to sophistication.

Liard Liam McBride cannot believe his friend and neighbor is marrying a Sassenachs instead of a worthy Scottish lass. But attraction seems to have no boundaries. Can these two make peace and live happily ever after?

Book Blurb for The Highlander's Choice

The Scottish Highlands, 1815

Lady Sybil Lacey is every inch an English woman. She's horrified her best friend is wedding a barbarian Scot. For aren't Scots naught but brutish, whiskey-swilling lechers? So to find herself secretly attracted to the tall and devastatingly handsome Scottish laird of Bedlay Castle is quite disconcerting...

Liam MacBride is convinced that English ladies are silly sassenachs who think of nothing but social events and clothes. So why is he intensely drawn to Lady Sybil? All they do is quarrel...until loathing turns into undeniable lust.

A tempestuous, fiery romance between an English lady and a Scottish laird cannot end well.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50