The Fix-It Man

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The Fix-It Man

Vicki Lewis Thompson never lets me down and this sweet and sexy contemporary is no exception to the rule! Diana Thatcher is a wonderful leading lady with faults and endearing qualities, her strengths and her weaknesses make her all the more easy to relate to. I loved her daughters, they were so exuberant and I enjoyed their quirky characters, so totally preteen girls. Zach Wainwright is such a wonderful man, he was perfectly suited for Diana. His laidback personality combined with his charm and intelligence are just what she and her daughters need in their lives. Watching the widow and the surfer interact was heartwarming, they seemed destined for each other, fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces. They balanced each other out and became such influences on one another that whenever they encountered a roadblock or pitfall I couldn't help but hold my breath and pray they would find a solution to their happily-ever-after. If you are a fan of classic love stories with just the perfect amount of passion this is a must-read. I believe I will find myself rereading this one again and again and enjoying it just as much every time.

Young and widowed Diana Thatcher is having difficulty keeping up with expenses, raising her children and upkeeping an older house all on her own. When yet another fix-it project pops up she decides to advertise for a live in handyman. Scholar Zach Wainwright sounds perfect, he's a teacher from California working on his doctorate, but when he shows up he's not the elderly scholar she's expecting, he's more hunky surfer. And while his skills do not run to home repairs he has a definite skill with all the Thatcher females, but they need a permanent solution not just a temporary fix.

Book Blurb for The Fix-It Man

The right man for the job…

California teacher Zach Wainwright doesn’t know a socket wrench from needle-nosed pliers, but landing a job as a live-in handyman for a widow is the answer to his prayers. He’s a smart man. Surely he can handle the small maintenance needs of a little old lady in exchange for a peaceful, inexpensive room while he’s in Illinois working on his doctorate.

Widowed Diana Thatcher’s struggling with a creaky old house and two boisterous daughters aged twelve and thirteen. An elderly scholar who can pay rent and make minor home repairs sounds perfect until she discovers he’s a bronzed Adonis. His handyman skills are questionable, but he shows a talent for mending broken hearts. Unfortunately, her family doesn’t need a temporary patch. They need a man who can build a foundation for the future.

Note: Previously published by Harlequin in 1986, this Vintage VLT edition has been significantly re-edited and updated.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50