The Fireman's Ball

Bianca Alexander has a definite scorcher with this fantastic contemporary short. I knew I had to read this one as soon as I read the blurb after all it has two of my favourite elements; a big beautiful heroine and a hottie fireman. And let me assure you that I wasn't disappointed. Courtney was an easy heroine to relate to and I love curvy heroines. I just felt so in tune with her, we were on the same wavelength and I felt myself cringe when she cringed and blush when she blushed. I enjoyed her overall shy personality and her loyalty to her best friend. Justin is drool-worthy and a downright fantasy come to life. He is the kind of man women dream about and he is a man worthy of the title of hero. This swift read left me with a smile on my face for days after, it's a fantastic mixture of sweet romance and steamy sex and I just know I'll read it again and again. If you are looking for a wonderful escape from the real world this is a must-read.

Courtney can't believe she's let her best friend convince her to attend the Fireman's Auction a charity event that turns normal women in to sex-starved octopuses. Courtney understands the appeal of the firemen, after all her bakery is across the street from a firehouse and Justin has been a regular in her shop and he's fuelled her fantasies for quite some time. Perhaps tonight the fantasy can become reality?

Book Blurb for The Fireman's Ball

He can't fight the fire of their passion...

Courtney's bakery is her only love—until one of the hot firefighters from the station across the street starts making a habit of coming in for her delicious treats. Justin's always flirting, but she knows that's just his way. Guys like him always seem to date the reed-thin anorexic types, instead of big beautiful women like her. Still, a girl can dream. But when her best friend Brittani comes in and begs her to go to the charity Fireman's Auction, Courtney's dream turns sour. The idea of Justin and his fellow firefighters strutting half-naked on stage so desperate women can spend hundred dollars to dance with them is completely demeaning. But Brittani's her best friend. And Courtney's nothing if not a good friend.

The auction is as horrible as Courtney imagined, but she manages to sit through the bidding. Until the last firefighter crosses the stage, and Courtney's blown away by Justin's good looks and gritty sex appeal. Maybe a charitable contribution wasn't the worst idea in the world, after all...and maybe it was time Courtney showed Justin how hot a big, beautiful woman can burn...

Reader note: contains BBW elements and sexy, dancing firefighters

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00