The Face On Miss Fanny's Wall

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The Face On Miss Fanny's Wall

Gwyneth Greer delves deep into the family tree of her heroine with this romantic suspense. We follow the epic journey of generations before our introduction to the main character Tessa Steele and for historical fans this will be an added bonus. This is a story full of family secrets and surprises, emotions and excitement, sensations and scares. At every twist in the tale Tessa doesn’t know who she can trust and who she cannot when she receives threatening phone calls while tracing her roots. Watching her grow from inexperienced young girl to worldly woman is intriguing. Watching her deal with her changing feelings for Dale is at times sad and amusing. Dale is a complex character as are most of the people we meet throughout this story. If you are looking for a different kind of suspense, something with a definite twist then this one is for you. Crawl under the covers and discover how a restored bordello-turned-museum becomes the backdrop for danger and deception.

Book Blurb for The Face On Miss Fanny's Wall

After recognizing her great-grandmother’s picture on the wall of a restored bordello-turned-visitor center, Tessa Steele sets out to track down exactly how Hallie became one of Miss Fanny’s ‘ladies’. Threatening phone calls and letters warning her that Nosy little girls get into trouble become the least of her worries when she meets Sgt. Dale McCord, a state police officer investigating a series of so-called ‘hauntings’ at Miss Fanny’s.

Caught between her own curiosity about Miss Fanny’s and Dale’s disapproval, she goes ahead with her research. Each time she uncovers a new piece of information, she faces an even more sinister threat as well as Dale’s unexplained anger. She’s as determined to learn the truth as someone is to stop her. And Dale is determined to keep her alive—if he can.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.00