The Earl and the Reluctant Lady

Lords of Vice Book 3

Robyn DeHart absolutely delights with the breathtakingly beautiful historical romance. She is a star of the genre and this story proves just why. Agnes Watkins and Fletcher Banks are a perfect match if only life and preconceived notions would stop getting in the way. Watching Fletcher fall for Agnes was a gift. His past and his position all count against him and I was so upset that he couldn’t come right out and tell her how he felt without the repercussions. I enjoyed seeing how Agnes reacted to Fletcher from the very moment they met and how much of an impact he has on her life even when she doesn’t realize how often she thinks of home. Fletcher’s respect for her brother and his concern for his future made me respect his actions but made my heart hurt for the consequences. I just loved seeing how these two were going to navigate the obstacles they were facing. The setting and the supporting characters along with the integrity of the leading couple made this such a wonderful read. I find it hard to find the right words to explain how much I enjoyed this story. Just trust me and read it for yourself and you will understand.

Fletcher Banks, Earl of Wakefield has carefully cultivated his image as a rake and a scoundrel. After all it’s how he has become such a successful spy. When he meets the virtuous Agnes Watkins he wants to reveal his secrets. However, Agnes’s brother is his boss and has forbidden a relationship. Agnes is intrigued and determined to reform the rake!

Book Blurb for The Earl and the Reluctant Lady

He knew he could never have her...

From the very moment Agnes Watkins walked into his life, Fletcher Banks, Earl of Wakefield, has wanted her. Agnes is not just beautiful, she's clever and determined. Despite her uncommon beauty, she refuses to conform to society's standards. She's also the sister of the man who holds Fletcher's career as a spy in his hands. And that makes her completely off-limits.

She thought she could change him...

Tall, impossibly broad, and handsome as a sin, Fletcher Banks is a brazen scoundrel. Known for his reputation as the greatest lover in London, he's the only man who's ever proved a temptation for Agnes. Her duties with the Ladies of Virtue means she can't overlook his lustful ways. The time has come to reform this rake.

Together their desire is undeniable.

With Agnes setting her virtuous sights on him, Fletcher can't ignore her any longer. Maybe spending more time with her will release him from his infatuation with her without falling further from her brother's good graces. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny that this infatuation may be more than lust...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 5.00