The Duke's Obsession

Frances Fowlkes introduces readers to a feisty American heiress in this lovely Regency romance. Miss Daphne Farrington is definitely not your typical tonnish miss she has a head full of numbers and a heart full of hatred for the English, especially the aristocracy. Edward Lacey, Duke of Waverly is just a man who wants to be judged by his personality not his pedigree and when he becomes instantly enthralled by Daphne it is so enjoyable watching the battle of wits between these two powerful characters. I knew straight away that they were perfect for one another and I enjoyed watching them come to the realization on their own. The descriptions lend a wonderful feel to the story without overpowering the plot or the players and the supporting cast are so very entertaining and engaging. I loved this story – I loved the tone and the pace and the people. I cannot wait to see Daphne’s brother and cousins make their very own grand matches. This is the first story I’ve read by this author and I definitely hope it is not the last.

American heiress Daphne Farrington despises the filth, the people and the society she is forced to endure. She does not want to be in England so she is determined to do whatever it takes to hasten her departure back to Boston. When her family business is threatened she must set aside her hatred for aristocracy and engage the help of Edward Lacey, the Duke of Waverly. Edward is intrigued by the forthright American beauty and agrees to help her if she can put aside her prejudices and judge him solely on his personality and not his family tree. Can these two come to a mutual understanding that will leave everyone happy?

Book Blurb for The Duke's Obsession

London 1818 An American Heiress Who Must Swallow Her Pride Miss Daphne Farrington despises three things: England's dreary weather, the grimy streets of London, and most especially the English aristocracy. Despite her misgivings, she must persuade the very English Duke of Waverly to save her family shipping business. If only she could ignore the way he makes her pulse race whenever she's near him. A Duke Who Must Overcome Her Prejudice Edward Lacey, the Duke of Waverly, is convinced that the lovely Miss Farrington, with her penchant for numbers, is the woman he'd like to make his Duchess. But unless he can convince her that not all English lords are callous, calculating rakes, a dark secret will ruin his chance at happiness.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50