The Cobra Murders

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The Cobra Murders

Jane Greenhill brings to life two main characters who are delightfully realistic as they deal with a thirty year old murder and the new victims of a vengeful killer. I appreciated the mixture of chillingly dark moments and fluffy humorous ones. The lead couple are far from flawless which only made me root for them all the more. I liked that one of Simon's foibles was an aversion to getting his feet wet but I felt it was mentioned too many times, pressuring me to think of him as quirky which made him seem wimpy. For me the mystery had been given away halfway through the story, which was a shame because the suspect pool had interesting men to chose from. I wish the ghost element had been expanded as it had some real potential. I'd like to see Jeannie get her own adventure. Even with the few issues I had, I found this to be an enjoyable read.

Homicide Detective Simon Keirsey is working on The Cobra Killer case while investigating his mother's cold case. Movie star Mary Margaret was murdered almost 30 years ago but could there be a connection to these new killings? Alice McClure is diligently working on the new voodoo exhibit at the Museum of Modern American History, which used to be Mary Margaret's home. Alice can't afford any distractions even if they come in the form of a ghost warning her she may be the serial killer's next victim or if it is the ghost's son, her sexy new neighbor.

Book Blurb for The Cobra Murders

Romantic suspense Crimson Rose
Rating: Spicy Page Count: 232
Homicide Detective Simon Keirsey spends his spare time working a personal cold case--the unsolved murder of his mother, film star Mary Margaret, thirty years earlier.
Recent killings committed by the murderer the press has dubbed The Cobra Killer unexpectedly tie to his mother's death and give Simon a renewed sense of vengeance.
Mary Margaret's mansion now houses the town's museum and employee Alice McClure is comforted by the ghost who walks the halls humming 1980's tunes.
As Simon and Alice race against time to determine who the killer is, will they be able to solve the mystery before another victim is claimed and the murderer's personal vendetta ante is upped?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.25