The Blonde Before Christmas

a Barb Jackson Mysteries holiday short story

Anna Snow’s The Blonde Before Christmas is a gift to readers because it’s a fast and festive read, which is great for the holidays. I think it’s a good book choice if you're missing the holidays as well. The story had the right amount of mystery to pull readers into the plot for a swift reading break between your Christmas shopping or baking.

The main character Barb and her best friends bring readers along for a whirlwind mystery. I enjoyed the fact that there were as many suspects as Christmas tree ornaments, and that the mystery wasn't too complicated or too simple. My only comment about the story was that I wish the detective didn’t leave, as I truly enjoyed his interactions with Barb because they seemed to complement each other so well that I'd love to see his wife become one of Barb's friends since she seems like she might fit right in. If you are looking for a fun time, you should curl up with this story and these fabulous ladies.

When Barb Jackson became a Private Investigator, she probably never dreamed she'd find a dead Santa Claus under a Christmas tree in a shopping Mall with the big day just around the corner. But, that's just what happens to her and before she knows it she and her friends are determined to save the holiday and stop a killer before becoming the next victim.

Book Blurb for The Blonde Before Christmas

From author Anne Snow comes a holiday short story about a not-so-dumb blonde who may just be able to save Christmas...

Private Investigator Barb Jackson thought she'd seen it all. But when a last minute shopping excursion leads Barb and her best friend Kelly to a dead Santa Clause beneath the shopping mall Christmas tree, she realizes that not everyone in town is filled with holiday cheer.

Jilted lovers, angry elves, and a whole slew of harried shoppers stand between Barb and the truth. But this is one blonde who won't give up that easily! It’s up to Barb and her friends to find the killer and save Christmas before the Santa Claus Killer claims another victim...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00