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Bennett Cole immerses readers in a compelling treasure hunt with this romantic suspense. Mark Mercer is a refreshing leading man who happens to be a pastor. He is not only extremely likable he is also easy to relate to, he's just your average, intelligent, young man wanting to do his job to his best abilities. When he uncovers a possible missing artifact I completely understood how compelled he was to track it down. Priscilla Krikorian is a perfect match for him intellectually and spiritually. I thoroughly enjoyed the flashback historical segments of this story and they were so seamlessly woven into the story adding a depth while not diminishing the adventure. I appreciated the fact that while this had a religious theme it wasn't overly preachy and that I got to visit so many locations. If you enjoy a solid suspense then this one is an excellent choice.

When some unexpected time off leads Pastor Mark Mercer to a possible theological treasure he finds himself far from the small town congregation he was expecting and halfway around the world working with Priscilla Krikorian, a beautiful American archeologist. When Pris is kidnapped Mark plans to rescue her and return to the US with the treasure.

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Young Pastor Mark Mercer’s search for a treasure—a lost epistle of St. Paul—leads him to Salonika, Greece, and to an attractive young American archeologist, Priscilla Krikorian. An initial personality clash gives way to a serendipitous combining of their respective abilities as they embark on a whirlwind sleuthing adventure that takes them to Seville, Spain. Their budding romantic relationship is interrupted when Priscilla is kidnapped, but Mark devises a bold and clever plan to rescue her. Will it work? And what is the treasure that he brings back to the U.S.?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00