Taking Her Innocence

Killer of Kings Book 1

Stacey Espino and Sam Crescent practically set my ereader on fire with this red hot adventure. Viper is one of the most attractive heroes I've ever come into contact with. His history and who he has become endeared him to me. He was by no means what you could consider a good man but I think he was far from being a bad man. His reaction to Pepper in his heart not just his pants made this so much more than a sexy read. It was a fiery passionate adventure full of emotion and depth. I absolutely love well-written, curvy heroines who show off that size is just a number. Pepper is such a kindhearted soul and she's found herself in a load of trouble through no fault of her own. There's just a light to her, a goodness but also a strength even she doesn't realize she has. And while the situation was almost unrealistic the skill in which the story is told transported me into a thoroughly unfamiliar atmosphere that held me enthralled. I can't say how stoked I am that this is the first in a series and I get to read more with these fascinating characters.

The Story: Viper is a stone cold killer and when his latest has a payout fit for kings he is definitely on board. However when Viper finds he isn't the only hired gun things quickly change. He is now her protector but how's going to protect Pepper from him?

Book Blurb for Taking Her Innocence

Viper has always been a bastard, a nightmare, death for hire. He's known for his swift kills, so he isn't surprised when he's offered seven figures for a new hit. It’s supposed to be a quick find and eliminate. When his mark turns out to be an innocent twenty-year old with big blue eyes, he shouldn’t care one way or another—but he does. Viper wants to keep her for himself.

Pepper’s step-father killed her mother, and she’s been on the run ever since. When a hitman shows up on her doorstep, covered in ink, and strapped with heat, she expects to be his next victim. But she’s wrong. Viper keeps her safe from the mercenaries hoping to cash in on the world-wide contract on her head. He’s everything she’s not, but she still finds herself falling hard for her captor.


With the odds against them, and death waiting around every corner, can they find true love in each other? Or is Viper only interested in taking her innocence?

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Be Warned: anal sex, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 5.00