Taken by the Billionaire Werewolf

Kingwood Pack, #1

Mina Carter delivers on her promise of a fun and quick read with this sexy short paranormal.

Eva is quite a likable heroine and while we had next to nothing in common I found it very easy to empathize with her. Alex is a darn near perfect leading man -- he's all Alpha. It was very easy to see why Eva is so easily lost under his spell, he is powerfully appealing. This is my first visit to the world created here and I am definitely sure it will not be my last. I loved all the additional characters in this story and cannot wait to read more adventures with these people in it. I would have gladly given this book a perfect score if I hadn't been so disappointed by its abrupt ending. I have no issue with short books but I just wanted so much more from these two fascinating characters and the wonderful world they inhabit. I cannot wait to read the next segment of their story.

When Eva's little brother lands in trouble once again, the only one she can turn to is Alex Kingwood, her former cousin by marriage. He's powerful and capable and Eva knows he can handle the possible danger. She'll do anything to save her brother even if it means making a deal with a sexy werewolf.

Book Blurb for Taken by the Billionaire Werewolf

Eva is screwed.

Maybe. Okay, definitely. And in a bad, not a good, way. Her trouble-magnet little brother has gone and gotten involved with vampires...and the deal's gone bad. Now he owes them and their repayment plan involves dead bodies rather than monthly payments. Which means Eva has no choice but to approach the last person she ever wanted to for help.

Alex. Her older, hot, ex-cousin from her mother's short-lived third, or was it fourth, marriage. He's also a billionaire. Hot, ripped, wealthy... Oh, yeah, and an alpha werewolf.

There's just one problem. Alex Kingwood never does anything without a price...

The question is, can she pay it?

**Please be aware that this is a romance short. Shorter fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full length novel.**

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50