Take the Honey and Run

Sweet & Dirty BBW MC Romance, Book #6

Cathryn Cade takes readers on a fabulously fun and fierce ride with this MC romance. Ms. Cade is a new to me author, but I’m positive this will not be the last story of hers.

Manda Kowitsky and John T-Bear Turner are an absolutely delightful pair. When T-Bear mistakes Manda for a prostitute I wasn’t sure anything could get them over that awkward situation but I loved every second of their time together. For a big, bad, biker dude, T-Bear is one of the sweetest, sexiest and steadfast heroes I’ve ever come across and I think I lost my heart to him. I want to be Manda when I grow up; she is so strong and has such a kind hearted soul. I hated to see how many obstacles life tossed into her path but I enjoyed witnessing her aplomb with everything that seemed to come her way. She wasn’t fake in her optimism it just seemed that she genuinely felt no matter what happened she just needed to keep going. I loved the club and all the fascinating and complicated characters that I was introduced to. If you like your stories to have a bit of everything; action, adventure and a beautiful romance this is a great choice.

The Story: John T-Bear Turner has decided the dating life isn’t for him but he impulsively hires a woman for the night only to discover Manda Kowitsky didn’t know she was paid entertainment. He rescues her and promises to keep her safe and while she begins to trust him, Manda has never had a man let her down before. Can these two heal one another’s faith in humanity?

Book Blurb for Take the Honey and Run

A big, bearded, ginger biker hires a pretty BBW strawberry blonde for the night, only to learn she has no idea he paid for her charms.

If he wants more, he’ll have to rescue her from some very bad dudes. But even harder may be convincing her to believe in his big heart.

John 'T-Bear' Turner is living the life he loves. He's a brother in the Devil's Flyers MC, an ace auto-mechanic, and the life of the party. The only thing missing is a woman to call his own. Now he's found her, but can he persuade her that he's the man she can trust with her life, and her heart?

Manda Kowitsky is in over her head. Abandoned by her ex in a dangerous situation, her only way out is with the biker who rescues her. But life has taught her that sooner or later, all men betray her. Can she trust T-Bear, or is he just the latest in a string of bad choices?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.50