Strange Business

Carol Leister introduces a fabulous supernatural world with this paranormal romance and I can't wait to see what happens next. Gillian Burke is a wonderful heroine who accepts every life is throwing at her with aplomb and I certainly wish I had that kind of attitude towards life. She is just so wonderfully unruffled and I want to be her when I grow up. Michael is downright impressive, even if he is giving off mixed signals. I loved the world this author created and all of the fantastic characters and creatures. I enjoyed how the core group of key players made for such a close knit ensemble and their interactions were both entertaining and informative. The story flowed so smoothly and swiftly that I stayed up all night reading and wasn't at all upset about my missed hours of sleep. This story had a bit of everything but not in such a way that if felt forced, there was action and romance, history and fantasy and it was all surrounded by everyday reality making it a complete pleasure. I cannot wait to see what else can happen now that the basis has been laid out because I just know the possibilities are endless.

When recently divorced Gillian Burke gets a new job as an executive assistant at a local foundation she thinks it's the answer to her prayers until she realizes that her major role is to help keep the earth safe from evil while helping supernatural creatures coexist with humans. So now she is trying to make it through her probationary period without letting her inappropriate crush on her new boss or let an ancient evil being end life as she knows it; but after all every new job has their learning curves right?

Book Blurb for Strange Business

If supernatural creatures really exist, how do they deal with the minutia of daily human life?

Newly-divorced Gillian Burke discovered the answer to that question after taking a job as executive assistant to handsome, charming Michael, a millennia-old angel. The foundation’s mission statement is less about the bottom line and more about keeping the earth safe from ancient, evil forces known as the Creatures of Darkness.

Gillian soon gets used to handling paperwork for beings she once thought only existed in folktales, while she deals with the burgeoning, undeniable attraction between herself and her boss. It isn't long before dark forces, determined to conquer the world threaten, pitting her and her coworkers in a terrifying battle.

Avoiding zombies and dodging demons weren’t in the job description, but Gillian is determined to defeat the monsters, and ultimately, win the love of an angel.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00