Silver Devils MC Book 1

April Zyon brings readers on the most amazing adventure with this short sexy MC read. From the very first words I was hooked! the premise was absolutely fascinating and I couldn’t help but panic as I raced along with Ava Charleston. Stone Mayhew is an absolute Alpha male worthy of being a leading man and I’m a sucker for a curvy heroine and a man who knows what he wants right from the beginning. Having only read a few MC books I will admit that I was a little shocked by some of the abrupt violence but it didn’t put me off the story enough to stop reading and I really should have expected it from a motorcycle gang. I enjoyed how swiftly things moved and the fact that in this There wasn’t anything lost I still got to know Stone and Ava well as well as getting to meet some other interesting characters I hope to revisit. If you like your heroes with a rough edge and your romance stories with a swift pace this is a must read.

The Story: Ava cannot believe she is the target for two dangerous killers and she calls the only person who can help. When her cousin and his MC brothers show up she’s surprised but certain these tough guys can keep her safe. But who’s going to protect her heart from sexy Prez Stone Mayhew?

Book Blurb for Stone

He'll do anything to keep her safe...

The last thing that wedding planner Ava Charleston ever dreamed that she would do was run for her life, but here she is, running away from a pair of murderers and back toward a home she hadn’t been to in years.

Stone Mayhew is the president of the Silver Devils, a one percenter motorcycle club, so when a brother receives a call from his cousin Ava begging for help, Stone is one of the first ones there to help his friend.

The moment Stone meets Ava he knows that she is it for him, just like his daddy had told him would happen one day. Stone knows that he will do whatever it takes in order to ensure that Ava remains safe, but he doesn’t realize it will have to happen the second that they arrive back at the Club.

Misunderstandings lead to more danger, and that sends them all to chasing down trouble through the bayous of Louisiana. But once he finds Ava, Stone vows never to let her go again.


Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.00