Stone and Sky

Heroes of Stone, Book Four

Cindy Spencer Pape creates a wonderful world of myth and mundanely. Being a huge fan of the animated series Gargoyles, I was intrigued by this story idea and I was definitely not disappointed once I started reading. The descriptions of this new world are fantastic and I love the fact that here are many different mythical creatures existing together in this series. If I ever get pushed overboard I hope I end up stranded on an island with someone as stone-cold sexy as Marc. He is a wonderful hero, I love that he slightly doubts himself when compared to his best friends. Aldara seems to bring out the best in him and she is such a strong heroine. Even in the midst of her grief she is aiming to start over in a new country with no support, which is something to be admired. Their connection is almost a main character itself and the love scenes are smokin'. The only thing I am remotely sad about is the fact that I did not discover this series until the last story but am happy to go back and read the three previous installments.

Aldara is a harpy without a memory who finds herself washed up on the shore of a small island in the Atlantic ocean where gargoyle Marc Armel has come to contemplate his problems. It is up to Marc to find the final missing artifact for the survival of his people, instead he discovers a beautiful castaway who can't remember anything but is sure she has come to Canada on an urgent mission. They hope her memory comes back soon and that there is no one waiting for her because they cannot resist their attraction.

Book Blurb for Stone and Sky

Book Length: Short Novel
Marc Armel is a gargoyle under pressure. It’s up to him to find the fourth and final artifact necessary to save his race. When he goes off to think, what does he find instead but a gorgeous harpy, washed up on his beach in a tattered evening dress, no luggage and no memory.
Aldara knows she came to Canada for a reason, but she can’t remember what. After one look at Marc, she hopes to heck that she’s single because she wants him more than her next breath. As her memories return, her passion for Marc grows too powerful to resist.
Their nonstop sex may have to wait, though, when danger threatens to tear them apart. While Marc is determined to come through for his clan, he’s even more set on saving Aldara. But perhaps she’ll be the one saving him.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00